Frequently Asked Questions

Fit Mix is a new type of gym membership only you don’t have to limit yourself to one location. With the Fit Mix membership you can workout at any of the locations within the Fit Mix network. You can do Yoga one day and then Kettle Bells the next or you can do them the same day. You can workout at as many places as much as you would like.
We pay the fitness clubs for every visit they receive.
It begins the moment you sign up. You will be charged a prorated amount to cover the rest of the current month.
Yes, you will be charged the full membership amount on your payment date. By default, your payment date is the 1st of each month.
All you have to do is tell them that you are with Fit Mix. Then open up your Fit Mix app and click the scan in button. A scanner will open and you scan that’s fitness club’s QR. Your picture, along with active message will appear. Show that to them and you are good to go!
No. You can go as much as you want to as many places you’d like.
There are very few restrictions. You only have access to group classes at most CrossFit Boxes. NFP CrossFit does allow for open gym access.
Then Fit Mix is perfect for you! Each of the fitness clubs in our networks care about your success and want you to learn the right way. In fact, some of them even require you to go through a few beginners classes to make sure you are comfortable and on the right track.
We sure do! No matter what they are, we want to help you meet your fitness goals. We have partnered with local companies to provide discounts in other areas of your life. We have made agreements to give you discounts on ortho-therapy, meal prep, supplements, and more!
Definitely! Simply email us at with the gyms you want to join.
Yes, you can request that your payment date be changed from the 1st of the month to another day of the month. Email with your requested date.
We do not. But we do not lock you into a contract. If you ever decide that Fit Mix isn’t for you then can simply cancel your membership.
Yes, we plan on conquering the world!!!
We do not, but you are more than welcome to come up with an agreement directly with the instructor.
We would love to hear your suggestions! Simply email us at with your feedback.
Email us at We look forward to hearing from you!