Support Local Studios

The locations in our network were opened by people that love Yoga, CrossFit, Spin, Pilates, etc so much that the created a place to share their passion with you. This gives you the opportunity to learn from people that want you to succeed.

Passionate Instructors

You've heard the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none." The fitness clubs in the Fit Mix network are masters of their trade. The instructors specialize in what they teach, maximizing your time working out.

Specialized Spaces

There isn't a once size fits all when it comes to the workout experience. The studios, boxes, and gyms within the Fit Mix network are designed around your workout. You will be able to experience the perfect setting for your HIIT, Yoga, CrossFit, Spin, and every other workout there is in the network.

Stay Engaged

Working out at the same place over and over can get boring and you lose motivation. With Fit Mix you won't get bored. You can truly build (and adjust) a routine that works for you.

Only $119/Month

Over 5,000 in monthly classes for less than the cost of a single CrossFit membership. For the record, Fit Mix gives you access to multiple CrossFit boxes and more!