Expand Your Reach

By joining Fit Mix, your fitness club becomes a part of a vast network, instantly accessible to a growing community of fitness enthusiasts. This means more visibility and more potential members walking through your doors.

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Hassle-Free Integration

No need to worry about complex software installations or system upgrades. Our QR code system seamlessly integrates with your current setup, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and the members.


Pay-Per-Visit Model

We believe in fair compensation. For every Fit Mix member that walks into your club, you get paid. This means consistent revenue without the need for aggressive marketing or promotional offers.


Flexibility & Freedom

There are no binding contracts. If at any point you feel Fit Mix isn't the right fit for your club, you're free to exit the network. We're confident in the value we bring, and we want you to be too.


Diversify Member Base

Fit Mix members are diverse, coming from various fitness backgrounds. Whether they're into CrossFit, Yoga, Strength Training, or any other discipline, they're always looking to mix things up. This means a fresh and dynamic crowd for your club.


Zero Joining Fee

We believe in a win-win partnership. Joining the Fit Mix network is absolutely free. Our growth is tied to your success.