Creatine is King: The Supplement that WORKS


I remember the last time I took a walk down the aisles of a health food store. The amount and different type of supplements found there just about made my head explode. All of them touting fat loss, building muscle, and making wild claims with no real way to know which ones work and which ones do not. This is one of the things that makes it incredibly difficult for the average consumer when they are looking to start a health and fitness program and want to check out some supplements to help in their journey.

As you might imagine, the majority of these miracle supplements provide nothing more than an empty wallet and a lesson learned. In short, they are worthless. There IS one, however, that works, and includes PLENTY of evidence to back it up...CREATINE.

Creatine is a substance that is made in your body and found in certain foods, red meat being the most abundant source. It provides your body with additional molecules of phosphate that help the processes in your muscles that allow you to do work.

Here's a quick breakdown for the laymen:

There is chemical compound in your body called ATP or Adenosine Tri-phosphate and it is vital in the process your body utilizes when performing exercise. As your muscles perform work, the PHOSPHATE portion of the chain breaks off thereby providing your muscles with the energy they need to perform. Then this broken chain looks for another phosphate molecule to form the ATP chain, and the process starts all over again. When your body is depleted of phosphate molecules, your muscles fatigue and work all but stops. Creatine or Creatine Monohydrate (it's full name) provides your body with these extra phosphate molecules. So in effect, your body can work longer before fatiguing, and reap the benefits as such. For example, if your muscles get fatigued and lose strength after doing 10 pushups, supplementing with Creatine may allow you to keep working out and going well past your prior number of 10. Doing more work can lead to more muscle damage, which in turn leads to bigger muscle growth, and increased muscular stamina.

Pretty simple, huh? It's not a miracle supplement necessarily, as it is merely providing your body with what it needs to workout longer and stronger. Your doing the actual exercise is what will provide the ultimate benefit. Sound too good to be true? Just Google STUDIES ON CREATINE EFFECTIVENESS and you will soon find out that Creatine is possibly the most studied of any supplement in history, and one with the most consistent results. Even better news is, Creatine is very affordable as well. Again, this stuff WORKS. If your goal is to gain muscle and stamina in order to workout longer and stronger, then it a wise choice to forego all those bottles of pills and potions that may fantastic claims, and grab the one that WILL get you results, Creatine