Meal Prepping for Fat Loss and Fitness Success
(a simple guide to take the guesswork out of your daily eating plan)


If you are trying to lose fat, build muscle, or just generally stay fit, the number one focus should be on your EATING. Working out is important, but what you eat, or DON’T eat is actually more important. The easiest and most effective method to help you stay on track is meal prepping.

Meal prepping works and it has been a staple for bodybuilders and fitness fanatics for decades. If we don’t plan our meals, it is too easy for us to eat the wrong things, and too much of them. Fast food, easy to find junk snacks, and a random eating plan will absolutely work against any fat loss and fitness goals you may have. Here are some tips to help you get your meal prep game on strong and get you on track to hitting your goals.

Doing it yourself

Do it yourself meal prepping may seem daunting, but if you follow a few simple rules, you can make healthy meal prep an easy to do and consistent part of your weekly routine.

  1. Buy some meal prep containers-If you head over to Amazon and do a search on MEAL PREP CONTAINERS you can find everything you need. There are all kinds of inexpensive meal prep tools that feature individual trays and lids so all you need to do is cook some food, fill up the trays, and stick em in your fridge.

  2. Plan and cook healthy meals-The easiest way to meal prep is to plan on eating very similar meals for a few days in a row. For instance, cook up 3-4 chicken breasts, some brown rice, and a bunch of broccoli. Then, just fill your meal prep containers and you are good to go!

  3. Be consistent! -While you can do all your meal prep on Sunday for the week, many plan 2 days during the week to cook so the food stays fresh. Just make a grocery list that includes healthy choices you like (chicken, fish, beef, brown rice, quinoa, broccoli, green beans etc.) and all you have to do is cook, fill the containers and chill!

Subscribing to a meal prep service

If you KNOW that you aren’t going to do it all yourself, then subscribing to a meal prep service may be the way to go. Never before have the choices been so plentiful either. There are meal delivery services that are geared for

  • Low carb eating

  • Keto or paleo plans

  • Vegetarians

  • Vegan

  • Organic

And just about everything in between. Do your research and choose one that has the best quality of the foods to help you reach your goals, and a price point you can live with. You also need to be mindful of whether the food comes prepared (just heat and serve) or it is a service that just delivers the ingredients and a recipe that YOU must prepare. The second option may not be the best if you are not interested in doing the work yourself.

No matter if you are going to do it yourself or subscribe to a service, meal prepping can be one of the best decision you make in helping to stay on track to losing fat, staying in shape, and taking the guesswork out of your daily meal planning. Good luck on your fat loss and fitness journey!