4 Reasons Why Mixing Up Your Workouts Will Get You Better Results


So, you have locked into a fitness regimen, you’re making some solid progress towards your goals…the LAST thing you want to hear is for someone to come along and tell you you’re doing it wrong! Anyone who has committed to exercising regularly is certainly doing something right, but, if you want to get even better results (and possibly even FASTER results) then you might try MIXING IT UP!

By “mixing it up” we are simply talking about variation. While it can feel comfortable to get into a routine and know EXACTLY what you are going to do every time you are going to workout, but sticking with the same routine, you may just be hindering your progress.

Here are 4 reasons why MIXING IT UP can help you get better fat loss and fitness results:

  1. Avoiding Boredom -One of the main reasons why people quit exercising is simply boredom. If you don’t enjoy doing something, it is not likely you will stick with it for long. By switching up your workouts, trying new exercises or gyms, you can keep your workout journey exciting and avoid getting into a rut and the boredom that comes along with it.

  2. Overworking muscles -Another reason why people stop working out is injury or pain and the most common types of pain, tendinitis, is usually caused by overworking muscles. When we do the same exercises over and over and over again, we can overwork muscles. Even by simply varying the types of exercises you do for a particular muscle group you can avoid overworking them. For instance, if your leg workout is heavy on squats, you can vary it by swapping out some sets with lunges or even sprints. Each exercise can work the muscles in a slightly different way, even if the exercises are targeting the same muscle group.

  3. Not working muscles hard enough-(i.e. progressive resistance) On the flip side, sometimes our workout progress slows or even stops because of not increasing the workload. By not mixing up your workouts, you might end up doing the same number of sets, with the same number of reps, using the SAME exact weight. In order to make your muscles grow, or burn additional fat, you must make sure the workout PROGRESSES. This could mean increasing the amount of weight you are using, increasing sets or reps, or simply increasing intensity or duration for cardio exercises and the like.

  4. Neglecting cardio in favor of weight training or vice versa -Finally, if you aren’t mixing it up and you favor one type of exercise over another, you absolutely may benefit by adding some other types of movements into your routine. For instance, if you love hoisting weights, and banging barbells is pretty much all you do, then you can bet that adding in some time on the treadmill or bike can help ramp up your progress. Conversely, if all you do is run, then it may be time to grab a set of dumbbells, kettlebells, or even a yoga mat to ensure your body is well trained in all areas.

Ok, so we threw down some reasons as to why mixing up your workout routine makes sense…now what? If the thought of coming up with a brand-new routine after you already locked in the one you are doing terrifies you, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, we got you covered. This is exactly why Fit Mix was founded. A network of gyms and exercises facilities that will allow you to try out a huge variety of workouts for ONE price. Everything from Interval workouts ,CrossFit boxes, kettlebell, and yoga studios and more. You can try out a different facility every month…every week…or even EVERY DAY if you want! How you mix it up is up to you but with a program like Fit Mix , all the exercise variety you could ever need is available to you. So, mix it up, keep pushing your goals FORWARD…add some variety and get into the best shape of your life!