5 Reasons Why Investing in YOURSELF is the Best Investment You Could Ever Make


Eating healthy is too expensive.

Joining a gym is too expensive.

I don’t have the time to exercise.

Those are some pretty common statements that people make about starting a serious program of health and fitness and it’s likely that you’ve said at least one of them yourself at some point. They are called EXCUSES.

Yes, eating right, working out and living a healthy lifestyle IS an investment. There is usually at least some money involved in a solid program and you do have to make the time to exercise, but there is no question that doing so will reap you many incredible returns. Investing in YOURSELF is the best investment you could ever make and here are 5 solid reasons as to why:

  • You feel better-If we could all just pop a pill that would allow us to feel INCREDIBLE when we wake up, have all the stamina we need throughout the day, and feel amazing day in and day out, well, we all would! In fact, we would all likely pay a big chunk of change for such a pill, however, that pill doesn’t exist. But what can give you the same results is absolutely available. By eating healthy, non-processed foods and working out with intensity, you can have those same exact benefits.

  • You look better-Looking better is not so much about ego as it is self-esteem. Feeling good about the way you look can provide many benefits including how you carry yourself in business and personal situations, how your significant other feels about you, and simply the overall good feeling you get when you lose some fat and build some muscle.

  • You sleep better-A good night’s sleep is priceless, and by investing in yourself with a quality health & fitness program, this is exactly what you can have. Getting rid of sugar and processed foods from your diet and taking part in daily rigorous exercise will likely quickly result in your having some of the best sleep of your life. Waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day is a feeling unlike any other.

  • You are more productive-We’ve all had those days where we just DRAG. We feel deplete of energy and we look more forward to going home and taking a nap than putting in our hardest day’s work. BUT, when you feel strong, you have energy, and an overall sense of health and self-confidence, you can work with a seemingly endless supply of energy. This can result in bonuses, promotions, and your enjoying your workdays vs. abhorring them. Return on investment anyone?

  • You live longer- Certainly all the reasons above are fantastic ones for why you should invest in your personal health and wellness. But no one would argue that living longer is the absolute best one. No real data is needed to support the statement that living a healthy life that includes quality food choices and a comprehensive workout plan will lead to a longer life. More time with your kids, your friends, your significant other, and doing all those activities that you love. What better reason could exist?

So, the next time you hear yourself making an excuse as to why you are NOT investing in your own personal health & wellness, take a look at the list above, reevaluate your life plan, and…GET TO WORK! YOU…are worth it.