4 Reasons Why Working out with a Friend Will Help Supercharge Your Fitness Success



I don’t care what it is we are talking about, if you want to make progress with something, consistency is the key. Now, when the subject is health and fitness, then that word becomes even more vital. Staying consistent with a workout plan is crucial to hitting your goals and we ALL know how hard it is to get back into the gym after a little layoff. We find every reason (excuse) in the world to avoid it and before we know it, the muscles sag, the fat builds, and we are on the road to the body we were trying to get away from! Well, the good news is, there is one surefire way to keep yourself on track…workout with a friend!

Honestly, one of the best motivators in the world is a friend who truly cares about you AND is on a health and fitness journey themselves. Here are just 4 reasons why working out with a friend will get you back on track and supercharge your fitness success:

  1. They will be expecting you- Listen, if no one is expecting me at the gym, I MIGHT just find something else to do that day. BUT, if my workout buddy will be there waiting for me, I wouldn’t want to leave them hanging. This type of commitment is one of the best things about working out with a friend. They will be expecting you and vice versa. After all, showing up is half the battle.

  2. They can push you, and you can push them as well- When you are working out with a friend, they will be right there with you, pushing you, keeping you motivated, and in a positive mindset as you push towards your goals. There is not better motivator than having someone you really care about in your corner while you are knocking out a serious workout. Sure, a trainer can also offer words of encouragement, but they are PAID to…

  3. They can introduce you to new exercises- Another cool aspect of working out with a friend is that they can offer a new perspective on exercise. They may have some experience in areas you don’t and can show you a few new fun moves or workouts to keep things exciting. Nothing kills a workout program faster than BOREDOM.

  4. There’s less of a chance of you dying- While this reason may sound like a joke, it’s not. Getting hurt in the gym or while working out is very common, especially as we get older. If your friend is right by your side, they will be there to spot you if you are lifting a heavy weight, grab some ice if you pull a muscle, or if something serious happens, call 911 to save your butt!

So, go ahead, call a buddy and lock in a workout schedule together! If you don’t have a friend close by who is into it, there are actually apps to help you locate someone who has the same goals and would be glad to join you on your fitness journey. Working out with a friend can be the secret ingredient your fitness plan has been lacking…