A Valentine's Day Workout You'll Never Forget


If you are looking for an idea to make your upcoming Valentine's Day special (and face it, what guy ISN'T?) then how about a sexy, sensual, KILLER Valentine's Day Partner Workout??

What could get day headed in the right direction better than the two of you touching each other, sweating together, and watching your bodies as you complete a workout requires you to rely on each other to reach completion? (I mean, finish the workout...)

Check out the exercises below and add this to your February 14th plans to spice things up while you work on taking your fitness to the next level:

  • 40 Partner Planks- Get down on the ground and get into a high or low plank position facing your partner with enough space between you to allow your arm to almost fully extend. Now, alternate high fiving each other with a count of 2 between each touch. Try to keep your body still and ONLY move your arms...keep eye contact the whole time.

  • 10 Partner Pushups- Similar to partner planks, but high give after each pushup. If one or the other of you cannot complete as man pushups as the other, they can hold a high plank while the other is doing the pushups, high fiving between each rep.

  • 40 Partner Squats- You can do this one facing OR back to back. For facing squats, grab each other's wrists, then go back and down into a squat and repeat. Keep tension on each other to allow for extended range of motion. To perform this back to back, have your backs tough so you are leaning back in a slight angle. Then go down into the squat together, keeping tension on the back. This one might take a little practice but is a blast once you get the hang of it!

  • 20 Partner Leg Throw Downs- For this exercise, one of you is standing and one is laying down with their head between the other's ankles. The one on the floor grabs the standing person's ankles for support, then, with straight legs, lifts their legs up in the air and the one on top grabs their toes or ankles and throws them back down to the ground quickly. The goal is for the person on the bottom to not let their feet touch the ground...KILLER ab workout! Once 20 reps have been completed, then switch!

  • 30 seconds Static Leg Lifts w/Partner Jump- This one provides some static ab work with some cardio as well. One partner will be lying on the ground and lifting their legs up slightly, maybe 6 inches off the ground and holding them there while the other partner jumps over the suspended legs. This is performed for a count of 30 before the partners switch. Will fire up abs, leg muscles AND the heart rate as well!

  • Repeat 4 more times!

There you have it, a Valentines partner workout sure to get your blood racing, and get you panting and sweating in no time. Once you knock it out, it's time to knock out the rest of our Valentine's Day fun, hope it's a great one, enjoy!