Tips to Make Winter Workouts WORK!


Winter has its charms, but it’s also cold and dark. Not exactly two things that make you want to leave the house and workout. So how do you keep yourself motivated and your workouts productive during those months when you’d much rather be curled up on the couch with a few snacks? Here are several tips to help keep you on track and make your winter workouts work:

  • Plan Workouts with Friends- Friends make everything easier, including working out. Make plans with a buddy to hit the gym or go to yoga or even go for a brisk walk outside. Aside from the accountability this provides, it’s also fun and enjoyable. Adding a social component to your workout is an easy way to increase your motivation to get moving and it may even help you be a better friend, if your pal is also looking for some extra motivation. Help each other out and make some plans to do something active.

  • Keep Your Goals Simple- Winter may not be the best time for elaborate workout goals. You may find you get more mileage out of keeping your activities and goals simpler because you actually show up to do them. Telling yourself that you’re going to get to the gym for thirty minutes of cardio may be better than trying to make yourself do your typical workout routine, if you really don’t want to leave the house. Mostly because you’ll actually get there. You can’t work out if you’re not in a place to work out, so a goal or plan that gets you there is better than one that doesn’t. And you may find that once you’re there the motivation to do your normal workout is increased. Funny how that can happen.

  • Join A League or Class- The benefits to joining a league or a class is that you have to sign up for something in advance and also pay for it, so now you have the double motivator of a commitment with both your time and wallet. Having a regular commitment on the calendar is a great way to make time for an activity without having to think about it much. And we could probably all use a little less thinking. Join that sports league or class and let your calendar show you when to show up. No thinking involved. Also, there’s the social component—you may meet a new friend or workout buddy or simply enjoy a couple of hours with others.

  • Try Something New- Mixing things up may help you find the motivation to get moving. Adding a new activity to your routine spices things up a little and adds some much-needed novelty. Is there something that you’ve been wanting to try? A dance class? Indoor rock climbing? A session with a personal trainer? The winter may be the time to do it. A little curiosity and the focus it takes to learn something new may be just the boost you need to get you out into the cold to keep yourself active during the winter.